Ebiotorium : Science behind Bio-Magnetic Therapy

Ebiotorium : Science behind Bio-Magnetic Therapy

 Ebiotorium : Science behind Bio-Magnetic Therapy

E Biotorium Network Pvt Ltd is a biomagnetic material manufacturing trading base company based in Mumbai for about 15 years. With a strong manufacturing & distribution base with 100% purity, the company (2007) has been successfully running for 22 years, manufacturing advanced modern bio & nanotechnology products traditionally and conventionally for the last 15 years, doing import-export distribution and direct distribution business.

Ebiotorium : Science behind Bio-Magnetic Therapy
Ebiotorium : Science behind Bio-Magnetic Therapy

The biggest advantage of this ISO-certified company is, that it has unique, innovative, and proprietary nanotechnology health products to claim as its own, and exports these products in large quantities to many countries. In recent years, the marketing system has been launched in India for about two years.

Now I bring your attention to know more about the Bio-Magnetism.
Do you have a deep idea about Bio-magnetism and its connection with our Health?

Come on get to know from my article. 


What is Kantha(Magnetic) treatment? Is it good for health?


Health experts say that many diseases can be cured by using magnets. Kantha(Magnet) treatment was invented by Parasetsus, a Swiss physician. Kantha(Magnet) therapy originated in the 16th century. Magnetic therapists say that all cells in the human body are magnetic in nature.

All cells have a unique and unique magnetic resonance. When a person's health is impaired, this magnetic vibration is disrupted. Then the general vibration of the body is also disturbed. This is where magnetic therapy comes in. This treatment helps restore health by restoring the vibration of the cells.
Magnetic therapy can treat and reverse headaches, ulcers, rheumatic diseases, paralysis, and mental stress. The north pole and south pole of a magnet have different properties. The South Pole can provide cooling. It can cure rheumatism, spondylitis, and body inflammation and destroy cancer cells.

The south pole of the magnet is beneficial for whirlwinds, lack of sleep, and mental stress. The north pole of the magnet is used to cure stomach ailments, hernia, and paralysis. Drinking magnetized water is important in this treatment. Drinking this water regularly will improve your health. People who regularly drink magnetized water are less likely to develop kidney stones.


Magnetic therapy to prevent Alzheimer's

  • A new study suggests that magnetism may help prevent Alzheimer's disease to some extent.

  • Previous studies have shown that magnets can stimulate memory centers in the brain.

  • At the initial stage of the disease, if magnetic therapy is performed; New studies prove that the mind can be held without going into the depths of oblivion.

  • Magnetism stimulates the growth of cells in the brain's memory center, the hippocampus, which led to research Discovered by Dr. Karl Herrols.

He said that the decision is to develop this method of treatment and go ahead with it


New hope in cancer treatment seeks and destroys diseased cells; Kochi University has developed a new method

A Kochi University research team has developed a treatment method that detects and destroys cancer cells. Cancer treatment has many side effects. However, the research team claims that this innovative treatment method has few side effects.

Magnetic hyperthermia treatment involves burning cancer cells with ultra-fine magnetic particles. A research team at Kochi University has developed a treatment that makes this easier. 

The unique structure of magnetic layered double hydroxide ultrafine magnetic particles developed by Cusat is ideal for acting as drug carriers. For that, a way has been found to simplify the complicated process of removing the layers.

Cancer cells can be quickly absorbed by the heat generated by magnetic fields. Such heat will destroy the cancer cells without harming the normal cells. Side effects can be greatly reduced by using such drugs that only destroy the cancer cells.

Experiments on cancer cells in the laboratory have found success. Animal experiments are coming to an end. Dr. GS The research project, of which Shailaja is the principal investigator, is funded by the Science and Engineering Research Board under the Union Department of Science and Technology. Project Fellow K Anjana, CSIR-NIIST Chief Scientist Dr. The research team consists of Manoj Rama Varma and Dr. Tests to determine the superparamagnetic properties of this compound were conducted in Manoj Ramavarma's lab.

Magnetic water has medicinal properties. Magnetic water treatment and its effect on yield

Magnetic water or magnetic water (living water) - this is water, the composition of which is reproduced in accordance with the structure of natural water, where all the elements contained in the water (minerals, salts, etc.) are aligned along the line of the magnetic field. That is, equal to water from natural sources.

Water in rivers, lakes, and other sources is known to be a strong magnet, magnetized to some extent by the Earth's magnetic field. That is why one prefers to swim in rivers and lakes rather than ponds in summer. That is why the water from the spring is more palatable and thirst-quenching.

Since the 60s of the last century, research has been carried out on the properties of magical water. There is a well-known historical fact that Cleopatra, trying to keep her skin fresh, used magical watery fonts.

Since the 60s of the last century, research has been carried out on the properties of magical water. There is a well-known historical fact that Cleopatra, trying to keep her skin fresh, constantly visited caves with magical watery fonts.

Magnetic water is the basic foundation that helps to solve the problem of treating many diseases without using pharmacological preparations.

Studies have shown that magnetic water is characterized by the following phenomena:
  • In magnetic water, due to the magnetic field, the oxygen content is very high.
  • An increase in the activity of hydrogen ions,
  • No change in mineral content,
  • The amount of nitrogen soluble in water decreases
  • Increase in the number of crystallization centers.
  • Magnetized water, due to its natural composition, activates the cells of the human body and increases the natural resistance to the harmful effects of the environment.
E Biotorium Bio-Magnet products fulfill your health requirements. You can use these products regularly in your day-to-day life. To know more about the products, you can visit my this article 

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