Phygistore Near Me - Exclusive Phygistore Contact Information

Phygistore Near Me - Exclusive Phygistore Contact Information

 Phygistore Near Me - Exclusive Phygistore Contact Information


If you want to know What is Phygistore,  first let's try to know PHYGICART or what is PHYGICART E-Commerce Business. From the word PHYGI itself, we can get an idea that PHY + GI = PHYSICAL + DIGITAL CART. 

That is, through PHYGICART we can PHYSICALLY go to the Store, at the same time but if you prefer to do virtual shopping, you can also do online shopping by downloading the PHYGICART APP or visiting the PHYGICART.COM website.

By making this purchase from Phygicart, along with becoming a customer you can also get a partnership with PHYGICART business. Those who are interested in running this as a business can visit my What is Phygicart Business

Now let us try to know what PHYGISTORE is. I have already told you about the method of PURCHASING PHYSICAL goods directly. Yes, PHYGISTORE is a store where you can go and buy things directly.

Phygistore Near Me

PHYGISTORE has been launched across India as part of its business development. We can take Kerala as the main one. PHYGISTORE has been established in every district in Kerala. Some districts have more than one PHGISTORE.

Through this page, I am giving you the exact idea of the PHYGISTORES, its address, and contact numbers. If that is not enough, the store location map will also be provided. Then for that, you try to read my whole page.


NO      STORE NAME                                                                      CONTACT NUMBER                                                                                                                     
1        ALAPPUZHA AMBALAPUZHA PHYGI STORE                            9037808980 
2        TVM ATTINGAL PHYGI STORE.                                                     9809577260 
3        CALICUT BALUSSERY PHYGI STORE.                                         9847790049 
4        ALAPPUZHA CHUNAKKARA PHYGI STORE.                              8111894288 
5        CALICUT ERANHIPALAM PHYGI STORE.                                    9142888821 
6        TVM  KALLAMBALAM PHYGI STORE                                          9895234776 
7        KOLLAM KARUNAGAPALLY PHYGI STORE                               7593812730 
8.       ERNAKULAM KOOTHATUKULAM PHYGI STORE                     8606407463 
9        TVM KATTAKADA PHYGI STORE                                                  9895611761 
10.     KASARAGOD KOLAVAYIL PHYGI STORE                                    7356262135 
11      MALAPPURAM KOTTAPADI PHYGI STORE                                 7593812749 
12      MALAPPURAM MANJERI PHYGI STORE                                      9633875707 
13.     MUNDROTHURUTH PHYGI STORE                                                8137920657 
14      MURUKUMPUZHA PHYGI STORE.                                                  8921672197 
15       NEYYATINKARA PHYGI STORE                                                      9946311924 
16       CALICUT OMASSERY PHYGI STORE                                             9846528811 
17       PALODE PHYGI STORE.                                                                    8590462771 
18.      PATHANAMTHITTA  PHYGI STORE                                                9645738977 
19       KOLLAM PUNALUR PHYGI STORE.                                               9947513223 
20.      PUNNAYURKULAM PHYGI STORE.                                                9846719746 
21      TVM VELLAYAMBALAM PHYGI STORE                                         8848427656 
22.      WAYANAD KALPETTA PHYGI STORE                                             9946369271 
23.      KANNUR TOWN PHYGI STORE                                                        9446511238 
24      KANNUR CHAVASSERY PHYGI STORE                                            9544190493 
25.     NEDUMAGAD PHYGI STORE                                                             9847853300 
26.     CHALAKUDY PHYGI STORE                                                              9744053949 
27      KATTAPANA PHYGI STORE                                                                9847429041 
28      WADAKKANCHERI PHYGI STORE.                                                   9895647007 
29.     CALICUT MOKERI PHYGI STORE.                                                    9048008070 
30.     KOLLAM PUTHUR  PHYGI STORE.                                                   8156980809 
31.     VALAKOM PHYGI  STORE.                                                                 8129848088 
32      THALASSERY PHYGI STORE                                                             9947974466 
33      MALAPPURAM PONNANI PHYGI STORE                                       7356057047 
34      MALAPPURAM EDAPPAL PHYGI STORE.                                       8606124786 
35      MALAPPURAM PULAMANTHOLE PHYGI STORE                         9605804622 
36.     KOLLAM MAMOOD SUPER STORE.                                                 8921938074 
37      VARKALA SUPER STORE                                                                    9809577260 
38      MURKUMPUZHA SUPER STORE SUPER STORE                            8921672197 
39      VADAKARA SUPER STORE SUPER STORE.                                     8943128486 
40.     KOTTAYAM STORE                                                                               9566294769 
41      VIJYANAGAR BANGLORE.                                                                 9108506500 
42.     CHERKALA-KASERAGODE                                                                7306533814
  • Each above-mentioned Phygistore's detailed Information will updated sooner. Stay tuned with me.

The retail industry, or the traditional way of shopping in stores, is undergoing a major transformation. It can be said that many have been forced to close their doors. However, there is a new retail concept that has come in today's era: Phygistores, part of Chemmanur International Group's Phygicart business.

Figistore is a great way of trading that combines the best of online and offline retail. A facility to browse a wide selection of products and compare prices is now available. You can use any method of payment that suits you. In other words, Phygistores have the facility to make any digital or cash payment.

There are many reasons why Phygistores are more popular. First, they offer consumers a more convenient shopping experience. Customers can browse products online and then pick them up in-store or return items they purchased online to the store. This saves customers time and hassle.

Secondly, Fijistores can provide people with a better shopping experience. Customers can get help from salespeople who can answer their questions and help them find the right products.

Third, Phygistore can collect valuable data about its customers. This data can be used to improve the customer experience, such as recommending products of interest to the customer.


In Conclusion, this concept of Phygistore is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to revolutionize the retail industry very quickly. By combining the best of online and offline retail, Figistores can provide customers with a more convenient, enjoyable, and personalized shopping experience.