Adsense approval for bloggers within  24 hours

Adsense approval for bloggers within 24 hours

 Adsense approval for bloggers within  24 hours

Adsense approval for bloggers within  24 hours

 Adsense approval for bloggers within  24 hours

AdSense approval for bloggers within 24 hours 

Hello friends, Here I brought great news for 2022 Bloggers. For brand spanking new Bloggers, it's visiting be happy news. Start your creation, start writing your interesting articles, and earn from Google AdSense. 

In 2022 Google AdSense Approval you may be getting within 24 hours, yes you heard right. 24 hours. Your content should follow some criteria, if all criteria are met your blog is going to be approved by Google AdSense within 24 hours of your application. 

Come on, now you all are going to be pondering the standards which you've got to follow. Here during this article, you'll get the steps very well for your blogger.

 I'm providing the blueprint in PDF form, you'll be able to download and put it aside on your device for reference. Also, you'll take a printout. Read my article patiently to the top. Also, I'm providing my YouTube video regard to google AdSense approval tricks together with this text.

 AdSense APPROVAL CHECKER Create 5 Basic Pages. These Basic Pages are 1. About Us, 2. Contact Page, 3. Privacy Policy, 4. Terms and Conditions, 5. Disclaimer. 

  1. Articles length should be longer than 300 words. 
  2. Minimum 30-35 posts should be in your blog. 
  3. Never post illegal content like movie downloading or hate speech etc. 
  4. The website should look decent and Responsive.
  5. Never write copied content from other sites. 
  6. Do not put changes after applying for AdSense. 
  7. Keep continuity in writing articles after signing up for Google AdSense. 
  8. Do not forget to get rid of other ads before applying for AdSense. 
  9. In basic pages, you'll be able to include Sitemap also. 
  10. The layouts of your website should be designed and properly organized way. 

The way to prepare these pages, I'll be uploading tutorial videos for you sooner. 

Creating a Contact Us page already I've got uploaded it to my blog. Here I'll provide you my YouTube link furthermore. So you'll be able to easily roll in the hay all yourself by watching my step-by-step tutorial videos. 

When talking about content, I suggest you select quality content. This is often the main key to getting google AdSense approval in an exceedingly quick way. If your blog has no quality content, then I tell you are doing not apply for AdSense. Wait more days to bring quality content and make it unique then move to apply. 

Copying or stealing others' content images or any videos is unlawful, if you go with copied content, google robot will be told quickly and never offer you AdSense approval. The article should be unique. It should be designed by you simply. 

The language uses is easy in your blog. Better don't come with the toughest words and phrases in your blog. The audience won't stay long on your blog, this may be the result you'd get. 

Make the website attractive with images and graphics, in order that the audience stays on your blog for more minutes. Your knowledge of the subject is extremely important, whatever content you're writing, ensure you're well-known for the subject. 

The language you employ in your blog should be clear and specific. Avoid using uncommon languages in your article. Whenever you're using images on your blog, keep the habit to place Alt tags. Images' names are always saved without gaps in between the words, which suggests each word should be tight without gaps and fill the gaps with hyphens. 

It is very strict to not use illegal content in your blog. Illegal contents are those, within which you provide download links for copyrighted movie songs etc., and also hate speeches, etc. Use highly responsive blogger themes for your blog. A range of highly responsive free blog themes is available in google search. You'll be able to download any of these. 

I normally use color mag. Its wonderful blogger themes. Very simple to know. Here you'll watch my YouTube Video for deeper knowledge. 

Even I'm providing my YouTube link of this video for your support you'll follow this link too -

 Below I'm providing you with the AdSense Approval Checker PDF, which you'll be able to download on your device, so you'll utilize this whenever your requirement. 

Disclaimer of Downloading

Here whatever I've got given permission to download the PDF is simply my very own creation not copied from anywhere. As per Google AdSense policy if there's any type of objection to allowing the PDF download I'm able to remove the content