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Hi Friends, First of all, I am introducing my YouTube Channel here. I branded my channel as Leetechy. Myself is a knowledge seeker like you people. It's my passion, especially my interest is to learn about technical troubleshoots. realizing my interest in this field my friends suggested I start a Youtube channel to promote my knowledge and experiences.

So that lots of people will get help to get the solution for their technical issues for their digital devices or even their electronic appliances.  In my video, I maximum concentrated on the problems which I faced with my devices and myself trying to solve them, and that solution I shared in my videos.

Why is google drive download links not working? 

This is my first youtube video. Bloggers, did you notice recently google drive direct download link has been sopped working and started working in another way? If my guess is correct, the change happened in July 2020. Recently I experienced this truth, while I was trying one of the download links of my blog. I found the download button of my blog, showing the "404 error page not found". Completely I became upset and started browsing youtube channels for my solution. Unfortunately, I could not find any latest videos regarding this issue. Then I tried my level best to solve the issue and I could. That is why I planned to share the tutorial the right way of google Drive's direct download link with you. Here you will get 2020''s latest solution for this problem. Watch the video from beginning to end. I will bring more videos for your technical troubleshoots. Please motivate me for more tutorials by like, share and subscribe. 

How to Post Videos and Photos on Instagram from PC.(Desktop / Laptop)

Instagram is a mobile application. Most of us operate Instagram on our smartphones. Some people like me prefer to operate Instagram on PC. But operating from PC, you should learn how to do it. Here I share my knowledge about posting videos and photos on Instagram direct from PC(DeskTop / LapTop.)

The uploading video format should be in .mp4, .mov, .mkv or .avi . Other formats will not work. You can convert any of your video formats to the above-mentioned formats by using some software. Here I am giving the link.

Your Vivo Phone Storage full?
Simply change the storage location for your camera. Another solution is to go to File Manager then All Files, select the file or folder by pressing edit you can select it. Then do copy and go to SD Card storage, there create a new folder, and rename the folder. Paste the copied file on the renamed folder in SD Card. That's it.  This way you can do vice-versa too. You can see your phone storage got more space. And automatically your phone will work smoothly without hanging.

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