Google Drive Link Sharing (Direct Drive Link Not Working)

Google Drive Link Sharing (Direct Drive Link Not Working)

 Google Drive Link Sharing (Direct Drive Link Not Working)

Google Drive Link Sharing (Direct Drive Link Not Working)

Google Drive Link Sharing (Direct Drive Link Not Working)

Suppose if you are a Professional Blogger, you might have to post downloadable direct links to your posts. It was so easy and was working before 2020. In 2020 there I have met the problem that the direct-drive link is not at all working. And I had to update all the previous downloading links later. 

When I found it is not working, I started my research on it. As a result, I could find the solution, and I felt inspired to share my knowledge with you.

In this article, you will get the complete solution in detail, and also in video explanation. You might be noticed nowadays Google Drive Direct Link sharing not working as before. It will not work, because the system has been updated or changed completely. 

Normally we used to create Direct Download Link from Google Drive by

1. Right mouse clicking and take a shareable link from the file.

2. Click on Any one with the link and Copy the Link

2.  Then paste the copied link on a notepad and cut the highlighted portion like in the image above shown.  

3. Paste those cut portion on to the above mentioned  HTML code.

4. Copy this combined format of link.

3. Then paste the copied combination of the code to the link of the Blog.

In this old method you will get this result, 'NOT FOUND', error 404

This above-mentioned method was what we were following those days. Now, this method has been changed. This method will not work, instead, it will show a 404 error, page not found issues.

Follow this New Method 

The new method which I found is a very simple and quick one. 

Here I am going to explain the new method in detailed along with images, so that you can understand well and follow very easily. 

1. Simply copy the shareable link from google drive by right-clicking the mouse button.

2. Copy this direct-drive link.

 3. Paste it directly on the keyword, which you wanted to convert to a clickable link in Blogger. 

It will start working as a direct downloading link. But yes it will open in a new tab. 

4. On that new window, you can see the download icon on the topmost right corner of the window. You have to click the icon to download the file.

5. By clicking the icon Download will start, once completed downloading, you can open the file and save to any of your specific folders and play it.

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